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File Requirements

If you are supplying your own image then you need to know this:
Image formats – your image should be a high quality  JPEG file suitable for printing at the size you require.
The optimum resolution is 300-600 dpi.
You can check the size and quality of your image by printing it on a sheet of paper.
 We cannot print from Microsoft Word or Publisher documents,
Just  select the product and pay for your purchase, Once your purchase has been placed you will then
Be redirected back to here to upload your picture below.
If you have a simple design (eg. text on plain background, text with image alongside)
 you can send us the text/images along with information on the layout, font, colour etc. and we will set up the design for you.
This will normally be included in the price.
Just  send us your image/requirements along with your name, address and details of your purchase, e.g. Family jigsaw,purse etc.
Proofs – we are happy to send you a proof by email so that you can check
the layout of your purchase once you have placed and paid for your order.

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